Unconditional Healing and Wellness

This was an interesting and rewarding project to be a part of. When Michelle and I came to know one another she was excited about the possibilities of revamping her current website, and I was excited to be the lucky guy to take on the project. I knew that she had a lot of wonderful services, products and information to showcase, but most interesting -her work.

Michelle has a wonderful gift and talent of working with your current energy patterns and helping you to redirect and release any clogged or resistant holds so you can start living your best life!

How do you express something so abstract with words? You’ll just have to see for yourself!

I did, and my life has changed as a result, in the most positive ways!


Ron Chambers

This site features a clean and slick design to match a talented developers vast skillset. It was awesome to capture the programmers mind in the idea of blocks building one upon the other to form a whole structure and incorporated that as well in his custom logo design.

Ron was very happy with the site and I was glad to create a place that would match his stoic presence on the web.

Check him out here